Global leaders in colostrum and electrolyte feeding for farm animals. Calf, lamb, kid and cria feeders. Designed by a vet – Award-winning feeding products. Safe easy stress free tube feeders.

Calf Feeders and Colostrum Bags

Trusti colostrum bags are the perfect solution for easy storing, fast thawing, pasteurisation, and direct feeding of high quality gold colostrum. Antahi has combined premium design features, environmental consideration, and the most calf friendly feeders all in one.

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Calf Bottle Feeders

Whether you are bottle feeding, teaching calves to suckle, nursing weak calves or providing essential nutrients via a tube feeder, the Trusti Tuber range has you covered. Vet and Farmer designed to ensure the smoothest and most practical feeding process for your calves.

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Lamb, Kid and Cria Feeders

The best designed lamb, kid goat, and cria colostrum feeding tube you can find. Ease your mind along with those newborn stomachs. The range also includes specifically designed colostrum bags for lambs, kids, and cria, and replacement tubes and teats.

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Premium Calf Jackets

Keeping newborn calves warm is a basic requirement for optimum health. Calves are born with minimal fat reserves and a high surface area to body weight ratio, making them susceptible to the cold. Super warm, quick dry, waterproof, machine washable, long lasting – the highest quality and best fit calf and goat cover you can find.

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Test your colostrum in a matter of seconds to know which is best for the critical first colostrum feed. Choose the model right for you – brix or digital refractometer.

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The Trusti pasteuriser is a practical and versatile addition to all farms to enable optimum colostrum management. Simple, practical, ensuring quick and safe thawing and warming of colostrum within Trusti Colostrum bags.

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