Disinfection Mat

Combat the Spread of Infection.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats can support your organisation in preventing disease transmission with our world-leading disinfection mats.

Our products respond to real-world problems and provide high quality solutions in areas where there is high risk of infection. Our Disinfection Mats have been useful in cases of biosecurity threats including Mycoplasma Bovis disease, Foot and Mouth, Asian Bird Flu, Myrtle Rust and Kauri dieback.

The advantages of Sweetmat disinfection mats include:

  • Proven effectiveness in reducing cross-contamination and the risk of spreading disease
  • Suitable for all types of shoe or boot and vehicle wheels
  • Saves money, as disinfection mats typically use 75% less disinfectant than a foot bath
  • Saves time, as they are quicker and easier to maintain than other methods
  • Proven to have better user compliance than traditional footwear disinfecting solutions
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  1. Disinfection Mat 85 x 180cm blue
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  2. Disinfection Mat 85 x 60cm blue
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  3. Disinfection Mat 85 x 85cm blue
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  4. Disinfection Mat Vehicle 3mx3m (2 parts)
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  5. Disinfection Mat-In-A-Box Rpl't Mat only
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  6. Disinfection Mat-In-A-Box complete
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  7. Disinfection Mini-Mat each
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