Water Bowl Farmhand Nylon 5L cpt

Water Bowl Farmhand Stainless cpt

Heavy duty plastic bowl that is livestock friendly. Drain incorporated for easy cleaning and draining
As low as $99.90
  • Stainless steel manufacture for longevity
  • Hinged lid for easy float access
  • Bowl slopes to front for easy cleaning
  • High-quality float rated from 15 to 100p.s.i
Stainless steel manufacture, with hinged lid assembly. A feature of this bowl is the sloping to the front bottom, which brings any debris forward for easy cleaning. A post-mount backstrap is supplied. Plastic float assembly. No drain incorporated. Inlet 15mm left or right side. Dimensions: 26cmL x 26cmW x 11cmD. Water level 2.5 litres. Water pressure to 100+ p.s.i.


To enable comparison of different bowls we use a ‘nominal volume’ figure. This is the litres of the bowl if filled level to the top. It is not the ‘working volume’ which will be less and depends on the float level set and the mounting angle of the bowl. We call this the ‘water level’ volume. This is lower in some bowl types as they slope forward to keep water freshest.
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