The range of Poultry products on offer can be quite daunting, here we focus on the most commonly required products and decipher the differences for you. The best products for you will be determined by your set up and how hands on or off you need to be.


Much like drinkers, feeders fall into two categories – open feeders (ground, suspension and hopper) or on demand feeders (step-on). The open feeders are generally less expensive but require more time to clean and refill and are more suited to small flocks. Step on or Treadle feeders require some initial training, but save you time and money over the long run.

On demand feeders

These are our most popular feeders due to their convenience and practicality. Chooks can feed at their leisure making for a more relaxed hen which usually leads to better egg production. The feed is well protected from vermin and contamination and can be filled up and left for a few days if you want to head away. They are robust and have anti-spill features to prevent wastage, saving you money. The Treadle or Step-on feeder is designed so that food is only available when poultry stand on the 'step' plate. The feeder shutter then opens, and the feed is available. They do require some training of the bird.

Feed-o-Matics are galvanised feeders with a glass-nylon lid and step plate - again activated by the weight of the bird (which can be adjusted). You can choose from 5/8/12 or 20kg capacity (think about what size bag of feed you buy). The feed chamber has space-dividers to keep birds from competing with each other and an anti-spill lip to prevent fall-out of feed.

Galvanized Treadle - these are all weather, heavy duty, fully galvanised feeders. They are, vermin resistant with locking lids and a quiet treadle action. 3 sizes are available. The lid of the chook feeder component is designed to prevent feed from being taken by wild birds, rats and other pests. However, the lid can be lifted easily by the weight of your chicken when they stand on the treadle.

Open Feeders

Plastic Suspension feeders are the most common kind of feeders, suspended for hygiene. Typically wing nuts adjust the flow for different feed types and come with or without a lid. Some have a wide cover (like an umbrella) to protect the feed and allow it to be used outdoors without shelter. The feed grill prevents waste. Sizes range from 1kg to 18kg in plastic or galvanised. We have a range of suspension feeders to choose from

Chic'a Suspension Feeders are 100% recyclable and UV stable, transparent to see feed levels, made out of sugarcane and beetroot polymers, plus natural dyes. 100% natural and recyclable. No petroleum derivatives. No carbon footprint. Carbon positive. Ultraviolet stable.

100% Recycled Suspension Feeders with an anti-waste ring incorporated. Our recycled suspension feeders are made 100% of recycled plastic, so colour will vary. Lid included on all feeders (lift to fill), Bayonet attachment to base.

Galvanised Suspension Feeders are simple galvanised-iron poultry feeders, with plastic lids, in 5kg or 18kg sizes. The plastic lid is easily removed for filling and feed flow is adjustable by means of an internal holding clip. The feeders can be suspended by use of the hole at the top of the centre spindle. They are easy to clean and have a long life span being galvanised.

Ground Hoppers

Hoppers are large capacity feeders (choose from 18-40kg) suitable for bigger broods. They are sturdy, gravity fed and translucent (so you can see the feed level). Flow rate controlled.

Crown Hopper is large and heavy duty, suitable for a wide range birds with a rim height of only 7cm. The hopper has a clip-down lid and the flow rate can be adjusted. Feed flows over a centre cone to the outside of the feeder. There is an antibrood cage for increased hygiene and separated feed slots.

Tankstand Hoppers are easy to fill, carry and clean and have a raised bowl for a hygienic environment. They are tall so more suitable for bigger breeds, have a screw lid and side handles for ease of carrying. The ‘hopper’ is removable for easy cleaning and has a big 24cm-diameter screw lid, also incorporating handles each side for easy carrying. Hopper is translucent for visibility of feed level.

The Galvanised Wall Mount feeder is galvanised steel and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is designed to be wall mounted and has a hinged lid for refill and a slanted roof to prevent roosting The dividers lessen competition for feed and there is an anti-spill lid to better retain food.

Chick Feeders are ideal for small birds and chicks due to the small rounded openings – preventing the chicks from getting into the feeder and reducing spillage.


Easy to fill and clean, sit on the ground, some have roofs and anti-perch spikes to protect from contamination, and spinning reels to stop roosting on top.

Flip Tops - these are long plastic troughs (3 sizes) with flip lids for easy filling and sections to prevent competition. They are lightweight sop most suited to smaller chicks

The Spinning Reel ground feeder boasts a free-spinning reel on top that makes it difficult (if not impossible) for chickens and other birds to roost on this feeder. Snap-in reel makes filling and cleaning easy. Curved lip on both sides and anti-roost helps reduce feed waste. Made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, with rolled edges for safety.

Feeder with Grill is a handy raised feeder to accommodate larger birds and more hygienic feeding, easy to clean and move around, zinc plated.

Snackball Enrichment toy This is a robust plastic feeder that also provides entertainment and exercise for the chooks (or cats!) and can be used for treats. The size of the opening can be adjusted to suit.