Veterinary Book for Cattle Farmers

Get comprehensive insights on veterinary procedures for dairy, beef, and dry stock farms from renowned Taranaki veterinarian Cathy Thompson BVSc. This book is complete with instructive text and close-up photographs, providing a realistic look at real-life New Zealand farming. Not for children, city folk, or coffee tables.
  • Comprehensive guide for all veterinary procedures
  • Features close-up photos for clear understanding
  • Written by a renowned Taranaki veterinarian
  • Essential resource for dairy and beef farmers

Veterinary Book for Cattle Farmers.
By well known and respected Taranaki veterinarian Cathy Thompson BVSc.

This book is an amazing compilation of photographs and instructive text covering all aspects of veterinary procedures common to dairy, beef & dry stock farms.

Cathy produces close-up photos and real instructive commentary on the full range of veterinary procedures you will encounter on a real-life New Zealand dairy farm. No holds barred!

Warning: This is the real world of veterinary procedures. Definitely not suitable material for children, city folk or the coffee table, but essential for the real dairy or beef farmer to have on hand.

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