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Brandabull A-Z single digit only 2in (I)

Single 2 inch 'Brandabull' freeze branding digit. Specify which A-Z digit you require.
Brandabull is the fantastic system of freeze branding developed by Mr Peter Griffiths. The greatest hindrance to use of freeze branding is the logistical effort that has to take place prior to doing the job. Dry-ice or liquid nitrogen must be brought to the site, and used promptly. Surplus coolant is wasted. There is pressure to complete the whole job in a short time, regardless of any other farm demands. With Brandabull, branding can take place at any time or place as suits the operator. Dry ice is made on the job in the nozzle of the Brandabull gun from a CO2 cylinder. The ice is produced directly into the required digit mould until it is full. The mould is then applied to the hide as for a normal iron freeze brand.  Single digit.. Specify which 2 inch A-Z digit you require.

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